Thing 13 – K12 Online Conference

I chose high and low comment numbers on conferences as my selection process. Interestingly and by accident, I wound up in 2006 with high scorer Using Web 2.0 Tools in the Grade One Classroom. This teacher impressed me with the number of tools she uses (since 2006! – and she’s in Saskatchewan!!) with her first grade students; blogs, Flickr, Bubbleshare and wiki’s. As a newbie to 2.0, I found her ideas valuable and her instruction simple and clear. As Shelley had warned, the older conference postings are not as techno savvy and, as an audio-only posting, the audio speed makes her voice very interesting.

My second choice was Skateboard and the lonely comment on this wondered why it was part of a 2.0 conference, which made me curious. This teacher constructs skateboards from start to finish with his 6th grade students. He is very process oriented and the students are proud of their final products. Near the end of the video clip he states that the students  blog every day about the process. It would have been more effective if he shared some of their postings. He also quickly goes through some of his other courses as he describes his technology showcase, all of which seems amazing. It would be interesting to see what he does within his courses using 2.0.

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